With fresh and new ideas HelveticMint offers expert advice and creative implementation on a wide platform for sophisticated and market orientated products.

Products are characterized through quality and an excellent value for money.  We accompany you from the first draft through the whole production including the quality control and the packaging which is all done by the most modern and continuously updated technology.

We consider environment not just a word but a programme. Our complete production undergoes constant check-ups and together with our suppliers we continuously work out new ways. The responsibility for each individual and for our society is a must for us.

As a customer you are more than just our partner. Our constant thriving is for the development of broad and market orientated solutions and to turn these into new innovative products for you.

Our standard orientates itself on the perfect effort according to your demands.

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The Coin Factory

We offer the complete service of:

  1. conception
  2. design
  3. engraving
  4. embossing
  5. minting
  6. packaging