World’s Library · Heidi

World’s Library · Heidi

Heidi: a story for kids and those that love kids
A masterpiece of numismatic art!

Heidi is a novel about the events in the life of a young girl in her grandfather’s care, living in the Swiss Alps, published in 1881 by Swiss author Johanna Spyri.
Heidi is one of the best-selling books ever written, it has been translated into 50 languages, and been filmed more than a dozen times. Heidiland, named after the Heidi books, is an important tourist area in Switzerland, officially known as part of the Canton of Grisons. The author Johanna Spyri wants to empower people to accept new challenges while keeping a good heart like Heidi.

The coin shows 5 important scenes of the novel:

The orphan child Heidi first lives with her aunt Dete, but Dete would like to concentrate on her career. So she brings Heidi to her grandfather, a queer old man living in an alpine cottage far from the next village, called the Almöhi. The old man is good-hearted but mistrusts anybody and wants to keep the child from all evils of the world. So he refuses to send Heidi to school, instead she goes to the pastures, together with Geissenpeter, a shepherd boy. This apine idyll finds a sudden end when aunt Dete comes in again and brings Heidi to the city of Frankfurt where she shall stay with Clara, the paralyzed daughter of a rich family. Thanks to the grandmother of Clara, Heidi learns to read but she can’t get acquainted to the strict discipline in a bourgeois upper class house. She is very lonesome and gets depressed by the gray anonymous city. Heidi becomes ill of homesickness and starts to walk in her sleep. Finally Clara’s father and the doctor of the family decide to stay up till midnight and when the doctor sees Heidi walking around in her sleep, he finds the right diagnosis and sends her back to the alps. Next summer, Clara visits Heidi there. They go to the pastures and Heidi shows Clara all the beauty of her world. Peter gets terribly jealous, and in a moment when he feels unobserved, he pushes the empty wheelchair down to the valley so it gets smashed. Clara wants to see the flowers and is forced to walk – and her desire is strong enough that she overcomes her handicap. Healings at body, spirit and soul in that healthy Alpine world – end well, all well.


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5 Dollars
Ag.999, pure Silver
68 x 52,5mm
3 oz
Antique finish – patinated
only 400 coins