Blue Iguana XL Relief

Blue Iguana XL Relief

The Blue Iguana (Cyclura lewisi) is a critically endangered species of lizard of the genus Cyclura.Previously listed as a subspecies of the Cuban Iguana, it was reclassified as a separate species in 2004 because of genetic differences discovered four years earlier. The Blue Iguana is one of the longest-living species of lizard (possibly up to 69 years).
The Blue Iguana prefers dwelling in rocky, sunlit, open areas in dry forests or near the shore, as the females must dig holes in the sand to lay eggs in June and July. A possible second clutch is laid in September. The Blue Iguana’s vegetarian diet includes plants, fruits, and flowers.

Its coloration is tan to gray with a bluish cast that is more pronounced during the breeding season and more so in males.
It is large and heavy-bodied with a dorsal crest of short spines running from the base of the neck to the end of the tail.
The fossil record indicates that the Blue Iguana was abundant before European colonization; but fewer than 15 animals remained in the wild by 2003, and this wild population was predicted to become extinct within the first decade of the 21st century. These iguanas, when happy, exhibit a beautiful turquoise blue color. When they are cold or stressed, they are green. The irises of their eyes tend to be a deep reddish-brown, and they generally have black skin surrounding the scales on their bodies, heads, tails and dewlaps.

available December 2012

Special minting technique with XL-Utra-High-Relief to show the shagreened Iguana skin and 5C photorealistic digital printing on the reverse with extra coat of lacquer on the Iguana’s eye.


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2 Dollars
Ag.999, Silver
54 x 32mm
1 oz / 31.1035 g
1,000 coins
with digital printing 5C on relief



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